Friday, October 21, 2016


Kampuni Ya Mikono Speakers International Inakuletea Maonyesho Ya Huduma Za Kifedha Kwa Kifupi ‘’Tanzania’s Financial Services Expo 2016’’

Kuanzia Tarehe 10 Mpaka 11 November 2016 Katika Ukumbi Wa Diamond Jubilee Kuanzia Saa Nne Asubuhi Mpaka Saa Moja Jioni Kwa Siku Mbili Mfululizo za Maonyesho na Mikutano .
Haya Ni Maonyesho na mkutano Mkubwa Sana wa Kifedha Barani Afrika Ambapo Onyesho Moja Kuu la TFSE 2016 Litakuwa Na Maonyesho Mengine Ndani yake sita Kwenye Ukumbi Mmoja Na Siku Mbili Mfululizo Kama ifuatavyo:

• Tanzania Mortgages Business Expo 2016
• Tanzania Insurance Expo
• Social Security Fund’s Expo
• Tanzania Lenders Expo
• Africa Payment Solutions Expo 2016
• Africa Ventures Capital Expo 2016
Faidi Ya Kushiriki Kwenye Haya Maonyesho Ni:
• Kutumia Nafasi Hii Adimu ya Kufanya Mauzo Ya Moja Kwa Moja
• Kukutana Na Watu Wanaoweza Kufanya Maamuzi Juu Ya Kufanya Biashara au kwa kifupi wanao saini cheque
• Kujitangaza Biashara Yako Kama Sponsor Wa TFSE 2016 Mkutano wa TFSC 2016
• Kukutana Na Watu Wapya Na Kutengeneza Mianya Mipya Ya Biashara
• Kama Hautaweka Biadhaa Yako Kwenye Maonyesho Haya Basi Ujue Mshindani Wako Ataweka.
•Boresha Mahusiano Yako Na Watea Wako Huku Ukipata Wateja Wapya Na Fursa Mpya

Mpaka sasa Kuna Makampuni zaidi ya 50 wamesha thibitisha Kushiriki kama: IBM East Africa,NMB bank,Barclays Bank,Mkombozi Commercial Bank,Mayfair Insurance,Credit Info, Mic Global Risks (Tanzania) Limited,Technology Associates,Daresalaam Stock Exchange,Banc Abc,Tan Insurance Brokers,Selcom Tanzania,Midata Tech,Data House, Data Vision International, Info Bip,Ssra,Utt Amis,Alliance Insurance ,Coso Marketing, Maxi Insure, Dun And Bradstreet Credit Bureau,Protection Against Inflation,The Exchange, My Staff Check,Iris Executives, Information Technologies Limited, Mind Source Tanzania,The Guardian,Interbanking Trading Limited,Bit Coin,Novatti Uda Rapid Transit, Chimbuko Vicoba Limited, Soft-Tech Consultants Ltd Na Nk List Ni Ndefu Sana.
Kushiriki Piga Simu: +255 717 109 362 Or 0682897280
Email: Sales@Excel.Co.Tz Visit: Www.Expo.Mikonospeakers.Com

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Register NOW - Employee Coaching, Counseling & Mentoring Course

This insightful workshop explores the core skills and attitudes needed by managers to provide support for growth and performance. It defines the requirements of a person-centered approach to building a learning team.
This is a hands-on course which uses role play, case studies, discussion and interactive tasks to practice all three core skills.
• Broaden awareness of performance-improving techniques
• Practise the core skills of coaching and counselling and get feedback on your performance
• Understand the role of a mentor and identify the skills and knowledge required
Beneficiaries of this programme will be Managers and Senior Officers from HRM department, Line Departments, HRD departments, Workplace Mentors and Outsourced service providers (e.g. coaching companies).
At the end of the course participants should be able to:
• Acquire new HRD skills;
• Grow the internal talent pool;
• Appropriately engage problem employees;
• Effectively manage coaching;
• Acquire professional mentoring skills;
• Acquire professional counseling skills
• Retain competent staff.
Investment: Tsh 2000,000/=
When: October 17th -21st 2016
Venue: Morogoro
Call: 0717 109 362 or 0676756163

Excel Group


Tanveer Dawood C.O.O of Imatic Technologies Ltd(Tanzania) Endorse TFSE2016

Saturday, October 1, 2016

3rd Executive Breakfast Meeting

The 3rd Executive Breakfast Meeting was such success. With a combination of Panelists and participants from different sectors and stakeholders of the e-commerce, the discussion was very informative, educative and interesting at the same time. We would like to thank everyone who participated in this event and i must say we are excited about the coming 4th Executive Breakfast Meeting this October. We will keep you all posted and updated

Friday, September 23, 2016

Why more than 45 clients have already decided to exhibit at the TFSE 2016?

Today I had a pleasure to meet with the head of sales of one company here in Tanzania, one of the sales directors that I admire a lot in East Africa and she told me that this year has been a marathon for most of sales people in Tanzania, it has not been as easy as compare to other years. According to Victor Antonio, Sell'n Ain't Hard When You Know How! No matter how hard the situation is there is always a way and the only way for people in Tanzania especially from the Financial Sector to boost their sales is the Tanzania Financial services Expo 2016. All the sales people who have decided to make use of the TFSE2016 package will find out that it is a short cut for their sales Target to be achieved.

Currently more than 45 companies through their sales manager and directors have decided to participate at Tanzania financial services expo. Do you know why? Up to now we have more than 4000 elite Tanzanians who have booked their tickets to participate in the expo and conference from different events website around the world. The second reason  is we coupe d’├ętat the main stream media through our advertisement to mobilize the mass to be there and definitely more than 15000 visitors will visit Diamond Jubilee Hall on 10th -11 November. Last but not the least is our YouTube videos like our officials advert has been viewed by more than 8500 people around Tanzania.

So my friend from the financial sector and other sectors related to it you are definitely it related to financial sector you are going to benefit from participating in the Tanzania Financial Service Expo 2016.
The following are the reasons which made companies like NMB,Credit Info, Technology associated,Selcom,UTT AMIS, Executive Health Insurance services, Mayfair Insurance, Maxi Insure, Mkombozi Commercial Bank,Midata Tech LTD,IMATIC Technologies LTD,Inter Bank Trading Limited,Iris, and many others to  decide to participate in TFSE 2016:
1.     Take advantage of the TFSE powerful platform to make on the spot sales.
The general public will be attending this EXPO, and they are the ones who will benefit from the financial services and products. It’s a chance for your sales team to score some deals on spot
2.     Grab a chance to meet influential decision makers at TFSE.
Unprecedented face-to-face access with influential decision makers in your target demographic. Sixty-four percent of EXPO attendees identify themselves as holding titles such as Senior Executive, Owner, CEO, and Director.
3.     Have you been looking for means to market yourself by sponsoring?
If you sponsor this event you get a chance strengthen and generate positive brand recognition by having your name and logo printed in the event program and promotional.
4.     Come and develop relationships  at TFSE.
Business is sustained by built relationships. Build up associations with attendees who are serious about doing business with you – attendees regularly report that EXPO impacts their buying decisions, because vendors are in the same place at the same time.
5.     Shop for new innovative products and services.
If you have a new service or products which you want your customers and potential customers to buy, this is the perfect opportunity to advertise and market it in a more effective way. You might even be able to sell it during the EXPO.
6.     Network with peers in your industry during the scheduled conference at the EXPO.
Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. The TFSE operates as a catalyst to ensure you meet the “right” people to include in your network and expand your sphere of influence. In business it’s not about who you know but who knows YOU.
7.     Don’t miss this golden opportunity to attend the conference.
Learn from the best and brightest business minds through the Conference that will be held during the EXPO. The conference will give you the leading-edge on industry trends, marketing tips, important regulations and spot-on advice on how to apply more winning strategies to elevate your business.
8.     If you aren’t exhibiting at TFSE…you can bet your competition is.
Your competition is obviously targeting your clients and you too are probably targeting his clients. This is the best platform to meet your clients, impress them again and probably entice your competitor’s clients to join your chariot.
9.       Strengthen customer ties and exploit existing potential customers
 Exhibiting is a perfect way to strengthen customer loyalty and work effectively with existing business contacts. Meet your customers and prospects at the EXPO and use face-to-face meetings to present your new products and solutions. Discover the potential that exists in your address database and transform prospective customers into actual customers.
10.    Looking for a quick and effective advertisement strategy for your business? Exhibit with TFSE and take advantage of the national media coverage
Not only that the 4,000 plus visitors are interested in new technologies, new trends, and new opportunities but also there will be media representatives reporting live from the event. This is a unique chance for you as an exhibitor to draw the attention of the press to your products and services.
So what are you waiting for? We only have a few stands remaining, just about 55 only and each and everyday we have around 10-15 inquiries from different companies who are eager to exhibit at the Expo. Currently we have more than 300 inquiries, and right now some companies are confirming such as the NMB and Credit Info. Make the right decision to block your space now as you don’t  know who might take it tomorrow.
For Bookings And Business Inquiries Please Contact Us:
Phone: +255 717 109 362 Or 0676756163

Deogratius Kilawe

Monday, September 19, 2016

Press Release: Mikono Speaker International will donate 10% of its profit

Mikono Speakers international will give out 10%  of its  profit from their upcoming Financial services Expo that will be held in dar es Salaam for Tanzania NGO’s that focus on improving the education sector in Tanzania and to victims of Earthquake in Kagera region in Tanzania. Speaking at a Conference at Holiday Inn, Dar es salaam, the Managing Director of Mikono Speakers emphasized that their main CSR Goal for this year was to focus on the education sector by 75% and leave the 25% for other sectors but due to what happened in Kagera they saw the need to take action and do what they can to assist their fellow Tanzanians as they are a company owned by Tanzanians.
 ‘’As a company we believe that having quality people determine the strength of the nation and this can only be achieved through education, Tanzanians are still lagging behind and it is not only the role of the government to play but everyone must contribute to the improvement of the education sector in Tanzania’’ Deogratius Kilawe Chief Executive officer of Mikono as he was briefing the media.

Over 1,882,313 school desks are required to meet the demand of desks in public primary and secondary schools in the country and recently the Government launched a nationwide campaign to solve this challenge.
For the Past few years Mikono Speakers Has been participating actively in the social course in the Line of it’s CRS Policy.
Mikono Speakers International corporate responsibility and sustainable development focuses on Health, Education and sponsorship and donation. The company engages in different CSR activities and Sustainable actions as follows:
1. Health:
Mikono Speakers International has been actively involved in different health programs to include Stand Up for African Mothers in Tanzania and donates to AMREF Tanzania. This is due to the fact that every year in sub-Saharan Africa, almost 162,000 mothers die as a result of complications during pregnancy and childbirth, representing 56 per cent of the global total.  This translates to 800 women dying every day.  Over 80 per cent of these deaths could have been prevented. As a  Company they see this as a serious problem and see the need to support AMREF Tanzania to sort out this issue and their  hope is to see total eradication of this challenge in our Continent 100%.
2. Education:
  • A. Mikono Speakers have organized several continuous events and activities such as Cup of Coffee with Mikono Speakers, Executive Breakfast meeting and Online Video education which have been used as a strategy to reach as many people as they can.
  • B. Since 2016 Mikono Speakers International through its initiative partnership with different ethical NGO’s we plan to 1000 school desks to needy schools in Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro. Current Board of director already set aside 10%  of its  profit to give back to Our community as they believe in the Late Patrice Lumumba quote  ’Africa will write its own history and both north and south of the Sahara it will be a history full of glory and dignity’’. They are here to write that history and  not to wait for people from outside

4. Sponsorships and Donation:
Mikono Speakers sets aside a fund and in kind help for special sponsorship and donation request.
Current More than 42 companies have confirmed to participate in Tanzania Financial Services Expo (TFSE) 2016, an event aimed at increasing financial literacy and awareness to Tanzanians. TFSE will be held in Dar es Salaam at the Diamond Jubilee Hall Exhibition Centre on the 10th and 11th November 2016, and will be hosted by Mikono Speakers International, a multisectoral consulting firm in Africa. Participants include insurance companies, banks, social security funds, microfinance institutions and payment gateway solution providers. According to Mikono’s latest update, 105 exhibitors are expected to participate from more than 10 countries, of which 90% will be local companies.

Friday, September 16, 2016

3 of the Best Entrepreneur Books You Should Read

 By Brian Tracy:
One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned throughout my career is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel…
There are plenty of people out there who have already attempted to do the things that you may want to do, and many of them have written books about exactly how to do it.
I’ve made a habit of finding books written by influential people I admire, studying them, and then applying those lessons to my own life.
Here are 3 of the best entrepreneur books that I can recommend to you.

1) Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The first book I want to recommend to you is one that has had an incredible impact on my life. It is one of the most famous success books of all time, and if you are working to achieve enormous success, it should be on your list.
It’s called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I’ve read it over and over again, and so have some of the wealthiest people in the world.
“Think and Grow Rich” outlines the findings of 500 men of great wealth, who started from nothing, and equipped with only organized thoughts, plans, and ideas, they were able to become millionaires. It outlines the entire philosophy of making money and will instruct you on HOW to get there.



2) Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

best entrepreneur books thinking fast and slow
The second book that all entrepreneurs should read is “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman.
In this book, he explains the two systems that drive the way we think, and teaches us how to harness those systems to make excellent decisions in our businesses and in our lives.
What Daniel Kahneman says, he’s a Nobel Prize winner on this subject by the way, is that you should use fast thinking for your daily activities and slow thinking when making big decisions that have long-term effects.
The problem, however, as he states in his book, is that many of us use fast thinking when making long-term decisions and invariably make mistakes.
It’s a great read and another good one to consider.

Learn the disciplines practiced by all successful entrepreneurs. Download my free e-book, 9 Disciplines of Successful Entrepreneurs.

3) Endless Referrals by Bob Burg

best entrepreneur books bill burg endless referrals
The last book that all entrepreneurs should read is a book that I was just reading called, “Endless Referrals” written by my friend, Bob Burg.
His book will teach you how to attract those who are interested in what you are selling with his proven relationship-building principles. It’s an excellent read for any entrepreneur, and it is full of great content.
So, there you have it. Those are the 3 books that I recommend all entrepreneurs should read to continue growing, learning and developing a successful business and life.

Any of these books would be great to add to your entrepreneur bookshelf. I’ve read hundreds of books and these are three that I always end up coming back to.
Now I’d love to hear from you, so my question today is: Which book has had the largest impact on your life, either personally or professionally?

Source:Brian Tracy

6 Things Sales Professionals Should Never Do

Image result for 6 Things Sales Professionals Should Never Do

Have you ever wondered what sets the best salespeople apart while others struggle to make it?
It is just as important knowing the most important things salespeople should do to be successful as well as what they shouldn’t do. Sometimes salespeople develop habits that prevent them from being successful.
I’m going to share with you 6 things sales professionals should never do when trying to make a sale.
If you can avoid these sales mistakes, you will be on your way to becoming a leader in your field and enjoying the wealth that comes with it.
1) They Allow a Prospect to Lead the Sales Process
The best way to control a sales interaction and take the lead in the sales process is to ask questions.
Asking quality questions can uncover specific personal or corporate issues, and will allow you to evaluate whether or not your product can solve the specific problem your prospect is facing. This is also the best way to discover your prospect’s needs and values and establish yourself as an expert.
2) They Neglect Their Pre-Meeting Research
If you are fortunate enough to get a meeting with an important prospective company that you are hoping to sell to, you better have done your research.
I, unfortunately, learned this lesson the hard way…
I remember a specific situation in which I had finally connected with a prospect that I had been trying to get ahold of for quite some time, and I set up a meeting.
However, I didn’t take the time to research the company before I sat down with them, and spent the vast majority of the meeting learning fundamental basics about the company, instead of presenting a solution that my product would solve.
Needless to say, I did not successfully close that sale and I also never neglected to do my research ahead of time again.
Invest time in learning about your prospect before you call them and set up a meeting, and you’ll have much better chance of getting to your objective.
3) They Talk Too Much During the Sales Interaction
Too many salespeople will get into a conversation and talk way too much about their expertise, their product, its features, their service and so on.
This dialogue does absolutely nothing to convince a prospect that they should buy from you, and instead, makes them think that you don’t care about their needs.
Engaging with a prospect by asking them about their experience and needs allows you the time to determine the most effective strategy or solution for them.
4) They Provide Irrelevant Information
When I was working in the corporate world, I was subjected to countless presentations where the salesperson shared information that was completely meaningless to anyone in the room.
A prospect cares very little about your financial backing or who your other clients are, they only care about whether or not your product or service is going to help them.
Make the most of your presentation by telling your prospect how they will benefit from your product or service until they are convinced that it will solve their problem or make their life easier.
5) They’re Unprepared for Their Pitch
I remember when I was first getting into sales, I made a cold call expecting to get my prospect’s voicemail. When he unexpectedly answered the phone,  instead of asking qualified questions that would have allowed me to take control of the interaction, I spent the entire conversation answering his questions.
This allowed him to take total control of the sale, or as I should say, the non-sale.
Whether you’re making a cold call or giving a sales presentation, it is absolutely critical that you are prepared. Even over prepared. This means having all relevant information at your fingertips, including pricing, testimonials, samples and a list of questions you need to ask to direct the sales conversation.
I suggest creating a checklist of all of the information you will need, and reviewing it before your call or presentation.
No matter how many times you’ve made a sales call or given the same presentation, always review your material ahead of time. You only have one opportunity to make a great first impression, so don’t waste it.
6) They Fail to Ask for the Sale
If you are selling a product or service, you have the obligation to ask the customer for a commitment.
Particularly, if you’ve spent time researching and discovering their needs and you know that your product or service can help them.
As long as you ask for the sale in a non-threatening, confident and cheerful manner, people will usually respond favorably.
Even the most seasoned sales professionals make mistakes from time to time, but if you can avoid these 6 things sales professionals should never do, you’ll decrease the likelihood of making sales blunders, and increase your ability to make and close the sale.